Monday, 29 August 2016

Pre-trip pause: Day 1

I was up at the crack of dawn (actually, before dawn) and on the 0517 train from Wolverton to London for an early shift. Adrian did some work, and made a trip to Tesco to start the stocking up of the cupboards. He said the canal had been very busy, and a whole load of boats had stopped for shopping trips, and then moved on.

I got back to Wolverton at about 3pm, and a little more than an hour later Adrian headed off to the station to get a train to London, ready for meetings tomorrow. At about 5pm I heard a vintage engine approaching, which turned out to be The fuel boat, Towcester, with its butty, Bideford. I flagged down Richard to get some diesel; these boats take quite a while to stop, so by the time he'd come to a halt, and brought the butty alongside, they were a little way past -- and had a bit of reversing to do to come alongside us. A Wyvern hire boat was waved past.

We took on 84 litres of diesel, then Richard slid Towcester out from between Briar Rose and Bideford, and then took the butty on a longish line. Richard said they'd been planning to stop back opposite The Galleon, but the noise of Bank Holiday musical entertainment was too much! It worked in our favour, as we won't have to stop over the next few days to fill up.


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