Tuesday, 9 August 2016

New fridge

I had a call from a delivery driver at 8.45 this morning, saying he'd be at the marina in about an hour -- and he was. It was a huge lorry, and by 10am there was a fridge on a pallet sitting outside the boat.

There was commendably little packaging. The cardboard box lifted off, and then there was just a bit of polystyrene. The fridge was sitting on a corrugated plastic base, which meant it was easy to drag along the pontoon to the cratch, and not too difficult to get into the boat. I wired it up and turned it on, and it all seemed to work ok.

The main advantage is that the fridge is bigger. The old one had a freezer which took about a third of the space -- which suited the previous owner of the boat, but not us. So when we noticed that it wasn't really getting cool, and then that it was running all the time and taking lots of power out of the batteries, it seemed sensible to make a change. The new one has an ice box which will be plenty big enough for us.

I was back home early afternoon, and made a quick call to Shoreline. It was their mistake that the delivery was on its way to the wrong place ever yesterday so I suggested they might like to refund the delivery charge. They agreed without hesitation; they hadn't actively suggested it, but a no quibble refund is the next best thing, so they get a point for that!



NB Holderness said...

Hi Adam, I hope the weather stays so good that you need the fridge! We are in London for a couple of weeks now so if you fancy meeting for a drink sometime let me know on tony.porter123@gmail.com You never know we may be related!?

Neil Corbett said...

And do you get to keep the pallet? All that free kindling!! 😊
Kath (nb Herbie)

Adam said...

Kath, I did get to keep the pallet, which I broke up for kindling!

Anonymous said...

That fridge looks a good size - at home we have a food fridge and a beer fridge - the latter is the only thing we're lacking on Indigo Dream :-)

Sue, nb Indigo Dream