Sunday, 20 March 2016

March Weekend: Day 3

It felt much colder when we set off this morning at a little after 8.30. We had to turn Stoke Hammond lock before we went, and it was the same at Fenny Stratford (although that lock is much shallower). Then it was the long plod through Milton Keynes -- during which time the sun made an unforecast appearance.

The Gulliver's Land amusement park was open with the rides going, and there was some sort of horse event going on through the parks, as there were plenty of riders wearing numbered brightly coloured tabards. As we went along, Adrian made a leftovers lasagne -- using chicken from our Friday night roast, and some of the sauce from last night's pork. We moored up at Bridge 75 for lunch.

We set off again about 1.30; the usual scenery came and went. At Cosgrove lock, Adrian went to work it. A boat had just gone up, and one was coming down; while I waited I chatted to Mick who made our fenders a couple of years ago. We got back to the marina at around 3.30. We seem to have the exit process down to a fine art, as we were in the car and heading home about 20 minutes later.

15 miles, 3 locks. (36 miles, 12 locks)

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