Monday, 7 March 2016

A Good Start

I came up to the boat this morning, arriving at lunchtime after a rather slow journey. There were a couple of reasons for the visit: I have a boat test tomorrow (when I fear the weather won't be as good as it has been today); and I had a visit planned from Dave from Boating Leisure Services, to sort out our starting problem.

Dave tried various things to get the engine going -- with the possibilities narrowed down by knowing that we were able to start it by borrowing some power from the domestic battery bank. Within a few minutes he'd identified a battery terminal which was corroded on the inside. It was taken out and replaced with a new one -- and the problem was fixed.

While he was here, Dave was approached by one of the other moorers with a question about something or other -- and it sounds as though he'll be back tomorrow to sort their problem out!

During the day, I've done quite a lot of cleaning through the boat. We haven't been on board since Christmas (an even then only for a couple of days) so everything was looking a bit unloved. I've also topped up supplies of coal and logs, and filled the water tank.

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