Thursday, 6 November 2014


The penalty for the sunny day yesterday was a cold night.  It was very frosty outside when I got up this morning; fortunately the fire was still going pretty well.  I went outside after breakfast to see just how hard the frost was; it was pretty thick on the roof, and looked great in the morning sunshine.

There was mist on the water, and almost no wind.  With the frost and the marina ducks, it was quite a magical scene.

I needed to get home, though, so packed up and did what little bit of winterising we do to the boat.  We don't want to do too much, as we like to use the boat during the winter.  I turned off the water before the pump, and opened the taps to drain the pipes as much as possible.  I also took the shower mixer bar off, and put it in a well lagged draw.

I was ready to leave well before 9am, and was home by mid-morning.

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Andrew Tidy said...

Thats about the limit of my winterising