Tuesday, 4 November 2014


A lovely morning this morning: sunshine was burning off the mist that swirled over the water of the marina.

I had a day off, but wanted to get a few things done.  So after breakfast I got in the car and drove to Hillmorton to visit the canal shop.  I wanted to have a proper look at composting toilets, and ask a few more detailed questions of the shop owner, Richard, who seems to be the UK expert.  While I was there, I had a look round the chandlery, which is far bigger than I imagined -- certainly far bigger than it looks from the canal.

Next stop was Braunston.  I parked in the village and walked across the field to the bottom lock, where the shop has the full set of bridge plaques in stock.  I bought the one I wanted, and went for a walk.

Outside the chandlery below the bottom lock I spotted Henry H moored up -- Greygal's boat which was the subject of a boat test published earlier this year.  Since then it's had a very nice paint job, and looks fantastic.

I walked down to the junction, and was surprised how few boats were around.  I don't think I've ever seen Braunston so quiet.  Two boats moored above Butcher's Bridge were getting ready to go, and there were none at all between the bridge and the marina entrance.

At the junction I walked over the bridge, along the shared Oxford/GU to the first bridge, and back towards the village.

The Gongoozler's Rest was busy as it was just about lunchtime.  I had a bacon roll before walking back up to the car.

Heading back I made a couple of shopping stops in Towcester, making sure we're well supplied with fuel fr the stove, and everyday items in the cupboards.  Back at the marina I unloaded everything and then did a few little jobs.  One was the add the Lee and Stort plaque to the collection at the stern.

Next I wanted to fix a problem with some of our wall lights.  The little rocker switches have begun to fail on the most used lights.  The ones at the dinette are temperamental, while two of the four in the saloon have stopped working altogether.  The ones in the cabin had had these switches replaced with press button ones before we bought the boat, so that seemed to be the way to go.  I'd been pleased to find suitable switches at the Hillmorton canal shop, priced at 87p.  Changing them wasn't difficult, just a bit fiddly; a third hand would have been useful to hold things together.  Still, the important thing is that all lights now switch on and off without a fuss.

Tomorrow will be another early start, as another trip to Cheshire is in the diary.

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Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Always reassuring to know the boat is where I left her! Thank you for your comments about the paint job - kudos to Matt Cooper at CTS and the incomparable Dave Moore for bringing the Henry H refurb project to a close with a real flourish. I do feel the need to keep polishing it though....

All the best