Saturday, 5 April 2014

Spring cruise - Day 2

We had a very quiet night at Wolverton, all on our own, but were all awake quite early.  After breakfast, Brian and Mike made a quick visit to Tesco (having come to the conclusion that wine supplies might not last as long as they thought), and then we set off at about 8.45.

The long trek through Milton Keynes was uneventful.  There are more and more wide beams in the area, although fortunately they were all stationary today.  Brian and Mike walked a long stretch, from Campbell Park to Fenny Stratford Lock.  The pub by the lock appears to have been repainted since we were last here, and looks quite smart.

The weather was a mix of clouds and sunny spells, but it was quite chilly when the sun wasn't shining.  We moored up for a lunch stop just before bridge 102.

Shortly after setting off again we came to Stoke Hammond Lock, which was as pretty as ever.  Brian and I walked to the Soulbury Three Locks.

At the three locks, all were about half full.  We made good progress up them and were soon at the top.

We continued to the moorings just past the Globe Inn.  Along the open stretches of the Jackdaw Pound it was pretty breezy, and it was a job to keep going in a straight line at times.  We've been passed by a procession of Wyvern Shipping hire boats, who've all set off this afternoon.  Hopefully that'll mean there are not too many of their boats blocking the canal above Leighton Lock tomorrow.

16 miles, 5 locks.  (19 miles, 6 locks)


Sue said...

Don't count on that, I have just discovered it is Easter half term right now!

Carol said...

Hi Adam, do the wide beams moving around the MK cause a problem? It would be good if we (still rocking’) need to know what problems we may cause when cruising so that we can hopefully learn how to avoid being a nuisance to narrow boaters.

Adam said...

Hi Carol - it's just the width that sometimes causes a bit of a problem. Some of the popular mooring spots aren't as wide as they could be, so it's a real job for a narrowboat and a wide beam to pass. Not really much you could do about it -- except hope that sod's law doesn't kick in like it normally does! After all, if there's a tricky place to meet something, that's usually where it happens.