Friday, 4 April 2014

Spring cruise - Day 1

I came up to the boat this morning, and was surprised by how quiet the roads were.  At the boat, I put new glass in the stove door.  The polite way of describing the job is 'fiddly'.  I then went to Tesco at Wolverston to stock up for a few days.  At lunchtime I went to pick up our friends Brian and Mike who are joining us for a few days.

Back at the boat, we set off at 4pm.  At Cosgrove lock, a boat was just coming out, and a boat was waiting to go down, so we could go straight in.  Working a lock came back to Brian without too much difficulty.

We continued on to Wolverton where we moored up.  Unlike last Sunday when we struggled to find space here, we're the only boat here.  

Adrian arrived by train from work at about 6.30 at Wolverton station, and walked along to the boat. Brian and Mike have brought a lasagne with them, which is in the oven.

3 miles, 1 lock.

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