Sunday, 30 March 2014

Birthday weekend - Day 3

We had an excellent meal at The Walnut Tree last night.  I had pork belly with lentils and chorizo, and cavalo nero; Adrian had venison with carrots and cabbage.

This morning we had arranged for my second cousin Catherine, her husband Nigel, and kids Grace and Matthew to come through the tunnel with us.  There was a last minute hitch when they realised that because of the clock change last night, they were an hour behind schedule!  We waited for them in Blisworth, and Nigel drove the car over the top.  In the tunnel we had whistling, a rendition of Happy Birthday, and a blast on the horn.

At the locks, two boats were just coming out as we arrived, so we could go straight in.

With Nigel and me working the locks, and most of them in our favour, we flew down the flight.

At the bottom we moored up and had birthday cake complete with candles on the towpath.  Catherine is something of a cake expert, and we especially liked the icing roses.

We said goodbye to the family at about 1pm, having really enjoyed their company again.  We headed off along the familiar route through Grafton Regis, Yardly Gobion, and past our marina to Cosgrove.  There was a boat coming up in the lock, so as the lock landing there puts you in the way, we went in before he came out.

Below the lock, there was a massive wide beam on the water point, which made things a bit tight.

We'd been surprised how quiet Blisworth and Stoke Bruerne had been; it's because all the boats were down here.  We saw Willow Two, which was a boat test a few months ago, and passed the new owners of Tacet.

We continued to Wolverton, where there were a couple of boats moored not really making the best use of the rings.  We were in the process of making an elaborate cat's cradle arrangement with the bow rope, when the owners of the boat behind returned and we asked them if they would shuffle back a ring.

We have a visitor for dinner this evening - Neil from Herbie, who's just arrived and moored in front.  Kath is away, but arrives at Wolverton station tomorrow.

12 miles, 8 locks.  (23 miles, 15 locks)


Anonymous said...

Nice to see you both we have been reading you blog for awhile. Hope we get a chance to meet properly in the coming months. Clinton & Sharon.

Anonymous said...

Oh should have said we were on board Tacet