Saturday, 29 March 2014

Birthday weekend - Day 2

Grafton Regis is a nice quiet mooring.  Even the lambs didn't get up early, and certainly weren't of the vocal variety.

We set off at about 8.30, planning to stop at the water point at the bottom of the locks, as we were pretty sure we didn't have much water on board.  As we approached, though, a boat on the lock landing showed signs of going up the locks, so we went with them.  The couple on board proved to be excellent locking partners.  They live on board and are on their way to new moorings.  As we made our way up the flight, the sun broke through the slightly misty start, and the temperature went up dramatically.

We passed a pair of Gayton hire boats on the way down, so after that the locks were in our favour, and we were at the top at around 10.30.  I went to knock on Kathryn's door, and she came over for tea while we filled the water tank at the tap outside The Boat.  It took a good half hour to fill, which gave us plenty of time to chat.

We set off again and went through the tunnel, which was exceptionally wet and quite cold.  We continued to Gayton Junction, turned right down the arm, and stopped at the marina for a pump out.  When we got the 'empty' gas bottle out of the locker, it turned out to be far from empty, so it went back in again.  Maybe yesterday we just needed to give a bit more time for the gas to come through.

We went down to the winding hole above the locks on the Northampton Arm, where we turned.  It's the fourth time I've turned a boat there, and was by far the most successful.  We backtracked to the junction, turned left back towards Blisworth, and moored just beyond Bridge 49.  From here it's just a short walk up the road to The Walnut Tree, where we're booked for dinner tonight.

It was only 2pm, so we've been doing jobs.  I've given the pole a coat of varnish and broken out the Brasso.  Adrian has been cleaning inside the boat.  The sun is out, the side hatch is open, and it's a very pleasant afternoon.

8 miles, 7 locks.  (11 miles, 7 locks)


Halfie said...

Enjoy the rest of your cruise, and Happy Birthday for Monday, Adam.

KevinTOO said...

Looks like you've got a good weekend with the weather :)

Have a great birthday on Monday Adam.