Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Short return trip

It was a lovely sunny morning, and I set off when I saw another boat pass so that I could share the lock.  The area below the lock was busy, with one boat on the water point, another coming out of the lock, and the hire boat waiting.

Back at the marina, there was hardly a breath of wind.  This made getting back into our berth a straightforward procedure; the last couple of times there's been a stiff wind, which has made things tricky.

I sorted everything out, topped up the water tank, and headed for home.

1 mile, 1 lock.  (3 miles, 2 locks)

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Carol Palin said...

Hello Adam,
We’ve recently seen nb whitefield on the T&M and saw that it had a sort of ‘joy stick’ control. George thought that he remembered it being tested in one of the canal magazines and I wondered if you’d done it for Canal Boat? If so do you remember which edition?
I’ve got a digital subscription so can easily look at back copies.
Many thanks, Carol.
PS - good article of the loos - thank you.