Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Harry on the Thames

How many bloggers can you see doing the Tidal Thames in one summer?  Well, quite a lot, apparently.  After Chance came Indigo Dream, Chance again, and Caxton.  And today there was Harry, the boat Kevin and Vicky Blick have restored from a burnt out shell.

I was standing on the footbridge alongside the Charring Cross rail bridge, and spotted Harry coming round the bend in the Thames ahead, then under Waterloo Bridge.

As they approached, I was a bit concerned as a trip boat set off from Embankment Pier.  No-one on board looked worried, not even Brian the dog.

Then, with the tide flowing pretty fast, they were underneath the bridge and gone.

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Jill, Matilda Rose said...

And us (with Indigo Dream again) - both barrier/Margaretness and Limehouse to Teddington - it was amazing