Thursday, 28 March 2013

Easter Cruise - Day 2

It was lovely and sunny this morning, but it was cold overnight as there was patchy ice on the canal.  After porridge for breakfast, Adrian went off to Tesco to see if they had a computer cable.  We've brought a printer from home, but it won't work wirelessly without a router.

Mission accomplished, we set of at 8.45.  In places the canal was clear, in others it was a bit slushy, and in a few places the ice was thick enough to crack and make quite a noise.  It was more like boating in January than Easter.  We stopped at the services at Giffard Park to take on water and get rid of rubbish, which included a few boxes from things we'd brought up yesterday.  While the tank was filling, Adrian went to the nearby Rohan shop to get something to keep his neck warm.  They had a sale on, so that was even better.

We continued through Milton Keynes, then turned into the marina for a pump out.  We had no idea how full the tank was; we haven't pumped up since 27 June last year, but on the other hand, we haven't spent as much time on board as usual.  Still, it's a big tank, and it took quite a while to empty.

We set off again and had a cup of soup on the move.  We soon arrived at Fenny Stratford Lock, and I jumped off to swing the bridge out the way.  The rise seemed particularly small today, certainly less than a foot.

We carried on a little further, until we reached the winding hole just past Bridge 98.  We turned, came back through the bridge, and moored in a nice open spot overlooking Waterhall Park.

In the afternoon, I checked the batteries and topped them up as necessary.  As I was doing so, Armadillo went by.  I waved through the engine room porthole, but perhaps not surprisingly, Graham and Jill didn't see me.

10 miles, 1 lock.  (13 miles, 2 locks)

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