Sunday, 6 January 2013

Briar Rose in 2004

An update to yesterday's post about the photo of Briar Rose in Towpath Talk.

The photo is credited to Waterways Images, so I emailed Harry Arnold to ask if he knew when it was taken.  He's replied this afternoon, saying it was 28 July 2004.  He's also sent another photo from the same time, which shows BR rather better, and has given permission for it to be posted here.

I'm not sure exactly when in 2004 Briar Rose was finished.  On the Braidbar Owners' Group list of boats, it's the first one with a 2004 completion date; the the following one was Sanity, which was the Crick Show boat that year and was finished in April.  That suggests BR was probably completed early in the year, so was probably five or six months old when these photos were taken.

The steerer must be the original owner.  We understand that he died not long afterwards; his wife sold the boat on 1 June 2005; we have the bill of sale from Cowroast Marina.

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