Saturday, 5 January 2013

Old photo of Briar Rose

I had a text from Stephen and Jayne on Dolce Far Niente earlier, saying there was a photo of Briar Rose in the January issue of Towpath Talk.  I looked up the online edition, and there it was, on page 17, being used to illustrate a promotion for the new Cropredy Marina.

I'd love to know when this picture was taken.  Judging by how shiny the original paintwork was, I think the boat wasn't very old.  It's not the previous owner steering, either.  I suppose it could have been his dad, who used to go boating with him; but it could be the original owner, who had the boat only a year or so.  Either way, it's nice to have a picture from BR's past


Bruce in Sanity said...


Nice one. I notice that the credit is Waterways Images, so presumably Harry Arnold could tell you when it was taken.

All the best


Adam said...

I'm hoping so, Bruce. I've emailed him to ask if he has any more info.

One Thing After Another said...

Hi Adam, thanks for following us. We're big fans of the Briar Rose blog :)

Hope you're both well!