Sunday, 5 August 2012

Day of contrasts

I came up to Briar Rose this morning, at the end of a night shift, stopping at Tesco in Wolverton on the way, and arriving at about 9.30.

Normally, I'd head out of the marina straight away, even if only to Cosgrove.  But today I stayed put for several reasons.  I had a article which needed to be finished; there were Olympics to be watched; I have a boat test tomorrow morning, so I need to be close to the car; and the weather looked very changeable.

And changeable is the word.  It was quite nice at first, then there was a torrential downpour at lunchtime.  Most of the afternoon was sunny with blue skies, then just a couple of games before the end of Andy Murray's final, there was a tremendous thunder storm with rain so heavy that the satellite signal was completely knocked out.  I temporarily had to resort to streaming on the BBC Sport website.

The sun has now come out again.  There have been quite a few boats going by today.  A few minutes ago, a boat headed out of the marina just as boats approached the entrance from both directions.  One of them wanted to turn in, so there were a few moments of confusion as everyone tried to work out who was doing what, and who was going first.  They all got where they were going eventually.

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