Saturday, 18 August 2012

August weekend - Saturday

It was a lovely sunny morning today.  We had scrambled eggs for breakfast, and set off at 8.30 up the top two Stoke Bruerne locks.  I sent a photo to my sister to show little Rachel -- she knows about Stoke Bruerne because it features in the Muddy Waters books.

We had Blisworth Tunnel to ourselves.  I had my eyes peeled for the side shaft, but didn't see it at all.  This, of course, reinforces it ghostly qualities: sometimes it's there, sometimes it isn't! As there were no boats coming the other way, we could steer round the worst of the cascades of water coming from the airshafts.

We carried on in increasingly hot sunshine, through Gayton junction and on to Flore, where we stopped for lunch.  I was forced to change into a long sleeve shirt, because my arms were burning in spite of plenty of sun cream.  After lunch we carried on through Weedon and on to Whilton Marina, where we turned in the marina entrance.  We stopped for an hour so so, because our friend Brian, who's visiting Long Buckby for the weekend, called in for tea and cake.

We started our return journey at around 4pm, and worked our way back through Weedon.  This whole section is full of moored boats, so it feels as though you hardly get off tickover.  We've moored up for the night opposite the caravan and camping field by Bridge 28, where we've stopped a couple of times before.  The view from the side hatch isn't too bad.

20 miles, 2 locks.  (32 miles, 9 locks)

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