Thursday, 22 March 2012


There was a lovely sunset across Brinklow marina last night.  This morning was sunny again, and this time the sunshine stretched right up to Cheshire.  The journey up the M6 to Nantwich was fine, and the boat test was all done by lunchtime.  One of the other boats in the basin has a very brave colour scheme.

Once the boat test was done, I was taken to Stoke to see Tim Tyler's new yard, where there were a couple of boats in build -- a narrowboat and a river launch.  Then it was an afternoon of driving, as I've come back home ready for work tomorrow.  One thing that's been very noticeable is the difference in the price of diesel in various parts of the country.  I paid 144.9p per litre in Wilmslow yesterday, and 142.9p per litre in Stoke.  Makes you wonder why it's 147.9p here at home.

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