Friday, 30 March 2012

Moving weekend - Day 2

It was a misty morning to start, but with the forecast of another nice day.  We set off towards Braunston at 8.30.

At the locks, boats were already going up, and we followed.

With plenty of crew, progress was swift and we were soon at the top of the six Braunston locks, through the tunnel, and ready to begin going down the other side of the hill through the seven Buckby Locks.  It was just before midday when we started, and around 2pm when we got to the bottom.  We went up 35ft 6in, and came down 63ft.  Some of the pounds in both flights were very short of water; others had water cascading over the gates.

We decided to carry on, and had lunch on the move.  We thought about stopping at Weedon, but carried on a little further to a nice and evidently quite popular spot by Bridge 28, Standingham Bridge.

As we arrived, the sun finally came out and the temperature went up by several degrees.  The plan is that we're all eating together again tonight.

12 miles, 13 locks.  (24 miles, 16 locks)

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