Sunday, 18 September 2011

Autumn Cruise - Day 9

After last night's rain, this morning was quite sunny, although there was a chilly breeze.  We set off just before 8am, and made a brief stop to dump rubbish at Packet Boat Marina at Cowley Peachey Junction.  Then it was down to Bull's Bridge Junction, along the Paddington Arm, to Paddington Basin -- with plenty of interest on the way, including crossing the North Circular on an aqueduct, the A40 high overhead, passing widebeam restuarant boats, Little Venice, and Paddington Basin itself.

We arrived at 1pm, turned at the end of Paddington Basin, and slotted into a space out the HQ of Marks and Spencer.  In the afternoon, we had visitors.  Our friends Brian and Mike are staying with us for a few days; Adrian's cousin and her family came to see us; and various colleagues of mine dropped in through the afternoon.

This evening, we went out for dinner just along the Paddington Arm.

17 miles, 0 locks.  (115 miles, 93 locks)

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Travelling in No Direction said...

Hi, They rolled the bridge up last year while we were moored there just as a demonstration, I think they do it every week.