Saturday, 30 July 2011

July Weekend - Day 2

Yesterday afternoon, we walked back to the marina and moved the car to the little car park at All Oaks Corner, so that it was ready for this morning.  After breakfast, we picked up the car and drove up to Cheshire to spend the day with my sister, her husband, and their two girls, Rachel and Emily.  We were meeting Emily for the first time.

We had a lovely day with them, taking the dogs for a walk, having lunch, and going for a look round Stonyford Cottage Gardens, where there's a nice place for tea and cake.

Rachel, who's two and a bit, is talking amazingly well;  Emily is the spitting image of her, and while we were having tea this afternoon rolled herself over for the first time.

We drove back, and while Adrian came to open up the boat and run the engine for a bit to charge the batteries, I took the car back to the marina and walked back along the tow path.  Just after I arrived back, there's was a meeting of day boats next to where we're moored, which provided a few minutes entertainment.

0 miles, 0 locks.


Liz said...

What beautiful children....
Thanks for coming, we had a lovely day, good to see you. Don't leave it so long next time x

Nb Caxton said...

Rachel was but a babe in arms when we saw her last - I see she is laughing at the 'funny' man taking her photo..
Come to think of it, so is the new addition!