Monday, 25 July 2011

Classroom Day

Today, for the first time in a considerable period, I've spent the day in a classroom.  Where I had to take an exam.  Fortunately, it was a classroom at a marina on the south coast, and the exam was only thirty minutes at the end of the day.

I was taking the RYA's VHF-DSC radio course, in order to get an operator's licence.  This, along with a licence from OfCom, is needed for the tidal Thames through central London, which we plan to do as part of out September cruise.

The course, run by the Emsworth School of Navigation, was quite fun, with plenty of hands on operation of a marine VHF radio.  A lot of it I will never use, as we plan to get a handheld radio rather than a fitted one with DSC. 

But it all has to be done if you want to pass the exam, which I did -- with full marks!


Sue said...

Well done Adam!

Ho hum, is that the same exam paper for everyone? :P

Don't suppose you got a copy for me eh?... Teehee!

Nb Caxton said...

Roger wilco!!!
well done

Adam said...

Sue, I don't know how often they change the exam, but it's not very difficult when you've spent all day learning for it! I do have some sample questions from the pre-course notes, if you want them.

Lesley, that's an immediate fail, I'm afraid!

Halfie said...


Adam said...

DSC is Digital Selective Calling -- basically making a Mayday by pressing just one button.