Saturday, 16 April 2011

Survey report

The survey report has arrived.  I couldn't resist going straight to page 12, for the conclusion.  It says that Briar Rose is a good boat, and the price is fair.  The report contains a number of suggestions and reccommendations for things which should be changed, but there's nothing urgent.  The report is incredibly detailed.  My favourite line concerns the hull: "The hull is built to good and attractive lines with fine entries fore and aft, in short as good as they come."


Neil Corbett said...

Delighted with your news. It sounds like a great boat. I hope Briar Rose will meet up with Herbie some time.


Sue said...

Great news... Happy boating Adam

Paul and Elaine said...

Congrats on a fantastic boat, as soon as I saw the boat on ABNB I new it wouldn't hang araound.

David O said...

Congrats.....and a Braidbar Boat. Well we both know just how good they are, smart lines. Enjoy and I look forward to reading the story here on how you make it your own and of course your first adventures on board.

Starcross said...

Congratulations Adam, Briar Rose looks a really good boat. I hope she can meet up with Starcross some time. Have you got a mooring arranged yet?

Geoff and Mags said...

Nice one Adam
She looks smart. Will keep an eye out for you on the cut.

Anonymous said...

When do you 'officially' take ownership?

I have to change my phone directory from "Adam and Adrian Debdale" to "Adam and Adrian Briar Rose"!

Whooo Hoooo!

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Adam said...

Thanks for all the messages.

Sue: we officially take ownership in the middle of next week.

Jim: BR is at Brinklow, and we're staying there for at least six months. That'll give us time to work out where we want to be.

David: strangely, I've never reviewed a Braidbar boat (Kevin always got those jobs!). I have done plenty of Tim Tyler shells, though, so I know how well they handle.

Nb Caxton said...

Adrian - Adam
Delighted to read your news! I am playing catch-up with my blog so I have only just spotted your post, well done and look forward to meeting you and YOUR new boat out here...
XX Lesley

Jill and Graham said...

Hi Guys, If I'm right Briar Rose belonged to Jonathan, one of the Harbour Masters at Brinklow, should be an excellant boat as he is a Marine Electrician.
Graham and Jill

Adam said...

Yes, you're right, John is one of the harbour masters and is a boat mechanic. It's certainly a well looked after boat.