Saturday, 30 April 2011

First Cruise

I set off just before 8am, turning left out of the marina towards Hawkesbury Junction. The day has been a complete mix of weathers - dry throughout, but very windy, at times quite hot in sheltered areas, and really rather cold in the exposed windy areas. The wind has caused some fun and games when passing moored boats and when meeting oncoming boats in bridge holes.

I worked my way through the stop lock, then moored on the Coventry Canal for a spot of lunch. After lunch I carried on to Marston Junction where I winded, and started the return journey. I arrived back at the marina just before 7pm. All in all a lovely day. I am looking forward to Adam joining me in the morning, as it will be much better for us to share the excitement of having our own boat, as we head off in the Braunston direction for a couple of days.

Here are a couple of pics of the day:

Locks: 2, Miles: 22


Captain Ahab said...

Briar Rose has replaced Debdale in my blogroll. Happy cruising.

Halfie said...

Looks very smart, Adrian, but - dare I mention it? - what will Adam say about dangling side fenders in a lock?