Saturday, 25 July 2020

Back to the marina

This gang came visiting this morning.  I had a few jobs to do, as my cousin and family are borrowing the boat for a couple of weeks next month as they can’t go to Canada.  Top of the list was re-setting the loo, which was the reason I moored near the Elsan.  I also put loads of stuff away.  Before long I set off back to the marina.  Here are the new houses being built by the bridge.

I did a perfect spin and reverse into our berth, and even our neighbour commented on it!  I was soon in the car and heading home.

1 mile.  (2 miles)

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Mike Todd said...

I am glad you had the satisfaction of a witness. Whenever I get it right there is no-one around but when I get it wrong . . .

(as in a marina where we were taking a short term mooring in near gale force conditions. I can testify that reversing into a slot with the wind blowing directly at you is perhaps the hardest as the slightest variation in angle of the wind or boat results in going really off line!)