Sunday, 21 October 2018

Premier Inn and Premier Couple

Yesterday morning we were at the Premier inn at Walsall, right by the canal basin.  Adrian had stayed there overnight, having been at a conference in Liverpool for a couple of days; I drove up after a night shift.  This is the hotel that has a wall filled with one of my photos of Briar Rose in reception.  Adrian, who was steering, has been airbrushed out (along with a factory), so he stood in front of it instead.

The reason for being in Walsall was that we were going to the 30th anniversary lunch for Andy and Helen from the Jam Butty.  There were people from all parts of their life, and the boaters section also included the Halfies, Bones, and Sandra from the Homebrew Boat.  This photo was posted to Facebook by Sandra.

We enjoyed great food and great company, and the tables were full of typical Andy and Helen touches, including little things to take home.

We’d considered staying on the boat overnight but things are so busy at the moment we decided to drive home.  One advantage of this was that we could give Bones a lift back to her boat, and get to know her a bit on the journey.  All in all, a very enjoyable day.

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