Saturday, 14 April 2018

Cheese scones and sunshine

We slept pretty well and were in no particular rush to get going this morning.  We set off in rather dull cool conditions at about 9am, and headed for Blisworth Tunnel.  Inside it was, if anything, wetter than last week (which takes some doing).  Once out the other end, we phoned Kathryn to check she was in, and then moored up.  We went to have a look at the latest work Kathryn has had done on her house, and then had tea and some of her famous cheese scones.  When we set off again, the sun was beginning to come out and a couple of boats were just coming up the top lock.

We swapped with another uphill boat at the second lock, then at the next one the lock was empty, with a boat having just gone down and one about to come up the lock below.  LThe downhill boat waited for us, which meant we teamed up with a very nice family out for a long weekend on a Gayton here boat.  There was a bit of synchronised boating between locks.

We stopped below the bottom lock for lunch in the increasingly pleasant sunshine, then did the last hair and a half back to the marine.  We arrived back at about 3, and went to pick up the other car from Heyford Fields.  We’ll stay here tonight; I have to go to work for an early shift in the morning, and Adrian will head home.

8 miles, 7 locks.  (13 miles, 7 locks)

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