Sunday, 4 June 2017

Post-Crick: Day 6 - Hopwas

A 6.30 alarm this morning, which felt very early even though I went to bed before 9 last night. I'd gone and got the car from the marina yesterday afternoon, so it was only a few minutes walk to where it was parked, then a very easy drive in early Sunday traffic up to Hopwas on the Coventry Canal for a boat test. It's just as well we'd decided to start early because it was beautiful first thing, but clouded over much earlier than forecast. The sun was out for the photos, so that was the main thing. As we walked back alomg the towpath to our cars, a family of ducklings crossed in front of us. I'm not sure where they'd been, but mother duck was keen to get them back to the water.

We were all done in good time, and the drive back was good too, although it turned out some very heavy showers were just a few miles away. I put the car back in the marina and walked the mile and a half or so back to the boat. After some lunch, I decided I'd move the boat a bit closer to Cosgrove lock, as there was plenty of room up ahead. It was only a few hundred yards, but I've now got the lock in sight through the bow doors, so there's been plenty of activity during the afternoon. I've also been cracking on with writing the boat test, and it's currently about half done. Tomorrow, I need to find out if there's a chance we'll get the Eberspacher back in the next couple of days.

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