Friday, 30 December 2016

End of year cruise: Day 1

We slept well, and with nothing particular to do we were in no rush to get up this morning. The marina was frozen, and it was misty and murky too.

As it appeared we wouldn't be leaving the marina today, we arranged to meet up with my second cousin, Catherine. We drove up to her house, then all went to Braunston, for lunch at the Admiral Nelson. We did the same thing exactly two years ago! The only difference was that this time Nigel was at work, so couldn't join us. As usual, the food at the Nelson takes a while to come but is very good when it does.

By the time we got back to Catharine's, Nigel was home -- and we spent the next hour or so looking at the train layout he's building.

All in all, it's been a very enjoyable day. It's a bit warmer now and the ice has melted, so we might escape from the marina tomorrow.

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LNBP at Braunston said...

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