Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Middlewich Arm

As predicted, it was a cold night last night -- but the fire stayed in somthe boat was still warm when the alarm went off at 6.30. The roof was frosty, and I had to scrape the windows of the car.

I set off at 7.30 on what should be a two hour journey to Aqueduct Marina at Church Minshull -- which should have meant I arrived earlier than the agreed 10 to 10.30. But there were temporary traffic lights on the A508, and accident blocking two lanes of the M6 at junction 3, and another than had closed the M6 at junction 16, which is where I would have wanted to leave. Andy the photographer was stuck in that particular queue, so I decided on a detour, which took ages. Andy got there before me, and I only arrived at almost 11. However, it was a beautiful day and the views from the marina are fantastic.

It's quite a long way from the marina to the nearest winding hole, but it was sunny, the trees were colourful, and a kingfisher flitted back and forth in front of the boat for a long stretch of the journey. Here's Andy and the owner of the boat trying to get its photo, assisted by the boat builder.

It was 2pm before we finished. Andy and I went for lunch in the marina cafe, then I went to say hello to the owner of the last boat we did there, the Hudson Brigand. The journey back was quicker, and once again the fire had stayed in fine all day so I had a warm boat to return to.

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