Friday, 8 April 2016

A day of two halves

It's great waking up on the boat when it's out on its own somewhere, not in the marina -- even if the marina is only a mile away. This morning it was pretty murky first thing, but very calm. The hedges round here are absolutely alive with birds. Just while I was having breakfast I saw robins, blue tits, and a couple of tiny wrens, which were singing their hearts out. On my brief trip I added greenfinches, chaffinches, and pied wagtails.

I went down to Baxter's, which is now under new ownership, John and Lynn having retired, to get a couple of bags of coal. Then I turned in the marina entrance and headed back to our marina. All the turns, at Baxter's, to get into Thrupp Wharf, and to reverse into our berth all went like a dream today; I've no idea why, and I also know that it might go really wrong next time.

Once Briar Rose was tied up, I filled the water tank -- having noticed that the bow looked a bit high out of the water. It took ages, possibly because it might have been before Christmas that we last filled up. While that was going on I took everything off the well deck and gave the whole area a good scrub.

At lunchtime I changed, then headed out in the car to Cambridgeshire, to go to the funeral of my aunt. It's ages since I've seen my uncle and my three cousins, so there was a lot of catching up to do. It was very much a celebration of Auntie Helen's life rather than a mournful occasion -- a number of people said it had more of the atmosphere of a wedding than a funeral.

The drive back was very quick, partly because I'd stayed so long that the Friday night rush was over. Tomorrow I need to up reasonably early, as I have to go to work.

3 miles, 0 locks. (4 miles, 0 locks)


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