Saturday, 12 September 2015

Going West: Day 12

It rained in the night and was still raining this morning, so we were in no rush to get going. While having breakfast, we watched loads of rowing crews from the club just behind us starting their Saturday morning training. We set off around 9.15, with most of the crews heading back the other way. We went up Bevere Lock and past the entrance to the Droitwich Canals. Shortly afterwards, it rained quite heavily; I could see it coming, so was able to put off a coat and close the rear slide a bit, before it started. It soon stopped, though, and the sun even came out at times. At Holt Lock, a boat had just come out, and the lock keeper saw us some way off, and left the gates open for us.

The final river lock was Lincombe Lock. Just above it, we saw a kingfisher in flight, which dived for a small fish and then sat on a branch to have his picture taken. It was at full zoom, but even so I was quite pleased with the result.

On reaching Stourport, we moored on the river pontoons, and as it was 12.30 went for lunch at the Windlass Cafe, of very tasty toasted sandwiches. We had a walk round the basins, and noticed that the one visitor mooring spot in the basin was free. We'd intended to come up off the river anyway, so we went back to the boat; I grabbed a windlass and headed for the locks, while Adrian brought the boat along.

The route up into the basins is via two staircase pairs. But they're not aligned, so getting from one to the other is tricky, especially with a bit of breeze blowing, and gonzoozlers watching.

Once up in the basins we discovered that the mooring spot had been taken, but as we had plenty of time we stopped on the water point and filled the tank. The basins really are very attractive, especially accompanied by the striking of the clock on the Clock Warehouse.

Once the tank was full we went up York Street Lock. The moorings immediately above were full, but there was space beyond the bridge. This afternoon I've topped up the cupboards from the new Tesco just a couple of minutes walk away, and we've washed the towpath side of the boat.

12 miles, 8 locks. (163 miles, 135 locks)


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