Monday, 29 June 2015

Soar weekend: Day 3

Last evening, we sat at the bow of the boat watching the wildlife, including swallows swooping down over the water, and a family of nine ducklings.

I also pretty much wrote the test on the boat. I Don't think I've ever been in the position before to write about a boat while actually on board it.

This morning we set off at 8am; it was bright and warm. All three locks were against us, but we were still back at Thurmaston at around 10. We were soon on the road, headed for Thrupp Wharf. We returned all the things we'd borrowed from Briar Rose, did a wash load of towels, and had lunch on board -- then Adrian headed off to London ready for work tomorrow. I re-did the sealant in the shower, and will be heading home soon.

5 miles, 3 locks. (22 miles, 10 locks)


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