Friday, 22 November 2013

November weekend - Day 1

I came up to the boat this morning, stopping at Buckingham on the way to get shopping.  I arrived at about 2pm, unloaded the car, and then had the usual dilemma about what to do first.  I rally wanted lunch, but also knew I needed to get the fire going.  But I also wanted to take the opportunity of giving the chimney a bit of a sweep.  So I did that first.

Eventually I had the fire alight, the Eberspacher on for some hot water, everything packed away, and lunch.  I also topped up the water tank, and re-secured all the fixings on the tv ariel pole.  It was a lovely sunny afternoon, if a little chilly, and the view across the marina from the bow was pretty good.

I've started a chili for dinner, and it's now sitting on the top of the stove.  Adrian has been at a course near Berkhamsted, and will be here a bit later.  Tomorrow, we'll head down to Milton Keynes.

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