Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Big Trip - Day 9

 The moorings at Bridge 86 have gone straight onto our favourites list.  Mostly it's because the towpath is lined with railings, and there are fantastic views right across Cheshire.  We were also treated to a nice sunset last night.

This morning, we had a pretty slow start to the day as we'd planned a visit to Little Moreton Hall, a National Trust property less than a mile from the canal.  We took a footpath across the fields, which gave a view of Briar Rose with Mow Cop and its folly beyond.

The hall itself is quite small, but amazingly wonky.  Almost nothing is level -- the walls, the windows, the floors, all slope in various directions.

We had lunch in the cafe, then wandered back to the boat.  We started a wash load before setting off on our rather unambitious journey towards the foot of the Bosley Locks.  In Congleton, we passed Doug and James from Chance and their friend Olly (having already worked out that our schedules probably ruled out an evening get together).

Congleton has an aqueduct, a couple of snake bridges which allowed the towpath to change sides without the horse having to be unhitched from the rope, and a place where both road and rail cross the canal.

This really is a lovely canal.  We last travelled it four years ago, in the opposite direction, and we seem to have forgotten quite a lot of it.  The Macc has lots of high embankments, and from one we saw a lovely house -- although the steep drive must be a nightmare in the winter.

We've moored for the night at the bottom of the Bosley Locks, the only flight on the Macc.  Behind us is a very high aqueduct over a river.  Across the valley is a hill known as The Cloud -- and it was from here that the blocks from which the locks are constructed were quarried.

6 miles, 0 locks.  (127 miles, 61 locks)

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