Thursday, 4 October 2012

Walhalla on test

The November issue of Canal Boat is out, and includes my test of the extraordinary widebeam, Walhalla.


Tucker said...

Hi Adam
Read your review last weekend when my copy of Canal Boat arrived in the post.
Interesting concept and what a difference a wide beam makes to utilising the space available.
Pity somebody cannot invent a boat which can grow wider when on broad canals and shrink when on the narrows like they do with caravans and Winibagos.
All the best
Bob June and Phoenix

Sheila Napier said...

Hi Adam

Extraordinary is the word. What puzzles me is that there was no reference to side hatches and I couldn't see any in the pictures. Surely a boat of this size would be required to have at least one set of side hatches?

Also does she have aircon because if not won't she be very stuffy on continental waterways, painted black and with only portholes?

Sanity Again

Adam said...


There are no side hatches, and as far as I'm aware there's no requirement for any. Nor is there air-con -- the boat does have a lot of roof vents, which also seem to let in a lot of light.


When someone does invent an expandable boat, I'll certainly do a boat test on it!