Friday, 6 July 2012

Snail's Pace on test, and 20 more boats

The August edition of Canal Boat is out, and includes my boat test of Snail's Pace, the winner of Favourite Boat at the Crick Show this year.

There's also the Crick special feature, with mini-reviews of twenty other boats.


Captain Ahab said...

You must keep good records when you look as so many boats in quick succession!
Keep an eye out for August's WW....

jampot55 said...

hi Adam
Thanks for recommendation for "Samuel Barlow" at Alvecote marina for a meal. Yes, we went and, yes, the meal was very good. Nice range on menu and for the first time I can remember the chef Paul came out and walked us through the choices!
Reasonable price (most mains were around £10 and puddings £3), plenty of food, excellent service and friendly.... and the beer was good too! We will now definitely recommend this place (although the pub doesn't really look like a pub, we thought it was the marina clubhouse).
cheers, Janice and Dai, NB Jandai

Adam said...

Hi Janice and Dai
Glad you enjoyed it. Haven't been there myself, but know some people who have, and they've all said positive things about it just like you have!

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed the mini-reviews - nice to see reverse layouts becoming more popular!

I was also interested at the size of inverters - so many 3 & 3.5kw - signs of the times I guess!

Sue, nb Indigo Dream