Sunday, 19 February 2012

Boat check

I came up to Briar Rose last night, as I have a boat test to do later today.  I left work at 10, and arrived just before midnight, slightly apprehensive in case there'd been any frost damage.

Within a few minutes of arrival I'd unpacked the car, put the chimney on and lit the fire, turned the gas on, turned the water and the water pump on, put a couple of hot water bottles in the bed, and made a cup of tea.  I continue to be impressed by the Squirrel stove: it always lights first time and is soon going well -- and it easily stays in all night.

The boat was cold, but we seem to have survived the cold snap.  The shower is drippping a bit -- the "flow control knob", to quote the manual, is a bit loose.  This could have been caused by freezing, I suppose.  I'll take it off later, have a look at the "flow control cartridge" and see whether putting it back together again solves the problem.

The boat was much warmer by this morning.  Visible signs of this included the eco fan spinning fast, and the bottle of olive oil in the galley, which had turned back into liquid.  The main thing is that it's a beautiful sunny day -- ideal boat test weather.

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