Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas Cruise - Day 5

Another bright and mild morning, and we had a cooked breakfast just to use up things from the fridge.  We set off at 9am, with the sun low behind the trees of All Oaks Wood.

It was a lovely day for cruising, but we had just two miles to do before the marina entrance bridge appeared on the right.

For once, the marina was dead calm; it can be windy here even when nowhere else is.  It meant I had an easy job turning the boat and reversing onto the service wharf so the pump out point was on the correct side.

Our pump out token didn't seem to want to start the machine, but then Adrian tried the pause button and it worked.  Whoever last used the machine hadn't needed all the time; there was enough time left for use to pump out the loo tank and rinse it through a couple of times.

That job completed, we crossed the marina to our pontoon, and started packing up.  While I did that, Adrian made a quick trip into Rugby to get a new fuse for the radio, which means it's now working again.  Having prepared the boat for what will probably be a fairly lengthy absence by our standards, we headed home.  We routed via Stoke Bruerne, and had lunch at The Navigation.

2 miles, 0 locks,  (31 miles, 6 locks)


Carol said...

Hi Adam, Do you have any idea if the powers that be at Canal Boat are planning to go 'on-line' via subscription? I love to read it but we're not always in a place where we can obtain a copy each month.

Adam said...

Hi Carol, there is a digital subscription, which means you can read the magazine online. Follow this link to subscribe: