Wednesday, 16 November 2011


I had a relaxed start to the day, with poridge for breakfast, before setting off on the short drive to Calcutt Marina for today's boat test.

It was a misty, murky morning, so we decided to do the interior shots and examination of the boat first, in the hope the weather would improve a bit.  After a couple of hours, the cloud was beginning to break a bit, with one or two small patches of blue sky.  We set off on a short cruise to get running shots of the boat.  The conditions weren't ideal -- but hopefully it'll mean the photos will look atmospheric rather than dull!  We went down to Stockton top lock.  There's not enough room to turn a full length boat above the lock, so we had to go down and turn in the pound below.

Back at the marina, when it was too late, the sky showed real signs of clearing.  Before leaving I bought a couple of bags of coal, as supplies on Briar Rose were running very low.  David the photographer came back to Brinklow on the way home, to have a quick look at BR.

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Anonymous said...

Are you not tempted to slip a few photos of Briar Rose into the magazine 'by mistake'? She sounds great...

Sue, nb Indigo dReam